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An obvious note is that the responsibilities have aged him. Although Jupiter is now in detriment by sign, it is moving very slowly and in the degree of its direct station on January If we consider that Jupiter is in sect in a day chart, its potential gifts are strengthened. This chart is set for a. Jupiter is looking back to the Moon, surely an omen of protection and support, and maybe even of a stirring second inaugural address.

The upheaval within and without, the demolishing and resurrecting of the U. I was particularly intrigued because I had heard Hathaway in an interview say that her mother, Kate Hathaway, an actress, had played Fantine in the first U. She said how real the story always seemed to her, as she was a little girl watching her mother. Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are in Scorpio. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, as is Saturn in Libra.

Facies is associated with ruthlessness but brings success through an ability for deep focus. The two planets met just once in this cycle; that signature of depth and determination is very acute in her life path. She has spoken publicly about depression as a teenager and her ability to get through it without medication. By the closing square in , she was out of a bad news relationship i.

Hathaway was born in the Balsamic Moon phase. The Moon is in Libra; the deep waters of the natal Scorpio planets have a lovely and expressive lift from the Libra Moon.

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The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are parallel as well as conjunct. The Aries Point connects to the world at large and the potential for public projection. Mercury on the Aries Point makes speaking and communicating in the public eye a strong marker in her life. Mercury rules siblings, of course. She was raised Catholic but left the church at She is also born with the relatively rare condition of all planets in direct motion. Even now, by progression, there are no retrogrades.

Sun enters Scorpio

This must speak of her apparent ease and drive to be so publicly expressive, given the privacy of the Scorpio. The North Node and Neptune are antiscia, i. This eclipse will perfect in her progressed chart in a few years, when she is about Venus disposits natal Saturn and the Moon in Libra. Dear TMA blog readers, I want to wish you all a very happy holidays and a satisfying Here is the link to our Free Sample Forecast Section. In my experience, this can make the outer planets very hard for many people to access in a positive and productive fashion.

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Since they are orbitting between Mercury and Uranus, asteroids with a similar archetypal quality can be seen as transformers in the archetypal circuitry. Their role is to literally step up or down the archetypal energy between the personal and transpersonal planet. Now transiting in Pisces, Pallas Athene is due to return to Aries — where she was at the last Uranus-Pluto square on September 18 — on January 10, and will remain in Aries through March I expect to see some emphasis on the more liberating side of the Uranus-Pluto alchemical equation returning to us soon. It is commonly understood that Mercury takes about a year to traverse all 12 signs of the Zodiac; however, this does not mean that he spends an equal amount of time in each sign.

Because of his frequent retrograde motion, in Mercury will spend more time in the three water signs than all the other nine signs combined! As we can see from the diagram below, in the inferior conjunctions of Mercury with the Sun, which define the mid-point of the retrograde period, are all happening in water signs. But what does this mean? How can we expect to experience this watery inundation? I would suggest that under the influence of water, nothing is as it seems.

Whatever we hear or see, it should be assumed to have a whole universe of emotive precursors behind it.

We should ask about these and be prepared to listen and reflect back what we hear. Water is a feminine or Yin element. The alchemical symbol for water is an inverted triangle, representing its nature, which is to move down and inward. We may want to spend less time in outward action and more time going within ourselves. Water has no shape of its own and so takes on the form earth of whatever container it encounters. It will be important to have healthy containers and surrender those that are no longer viable. In terms of Aristotelian qualities, water is moist, which means it tends to bring people, places, and things together.

We can allow ourselves to be drawn together via these watery currents. Finally, water is the slowest of all the elements to change. So we can cultivate the long view and the patience to go along with it. Since the rest of my analysis will focus on the socio-political realm, I refer the reader in search of a personal take on this subject to an excellent article by a talented colleague of ours, Austin Coppock.

In , we find ourselves in the midst of a series of Uranus-Pluto alignments with the Mercury Elemental year being so watery. This just happens to be , the year of the fabled Summer of Love. Far from it. What I am pointing to is the existence of a similar opportunity for a progressive rebellion against the status quo Uranus-Pluto to gain new levels of cohesion Mercury Elemental Year in water.

However, one of the main differences between and is how the Uranus-Pluto alignments are aspecting the planetary nodes. Planetary nodes are a very important, and yet underutilized, aspect of modern astrology. We know that the Equinox points are defined by the places where the celestial equator crosses the ecliptic, and these form the very foundations of the tropical zodiac. The places where other bodies cross the ecliptic plane, like the lunar nodes, have also been important to astrology for some time.

Dane Rudhyar said that the planetary nodes represent places where the essential quality of that planet affects the very structure and the roots of our individuality as a member of the human species. As the greater benefic, Jupiter is generally fortunate and has a similar power to bring people and things together as Venus, but on a more abstract, philosophical, and detached level, like Zeus looking down from Mt Olympus. As a planet, Jupiter also has several moons and Zeus fathered innumerable children. I noticed three emerging trends in the news recently that may reflect these themes. The first article I noticed tells us that the housing market appears to finally be on the mend, with new foreclosures the lowest in six years.

Census bureau that projects increasing diversity in the population 8. It is projected that the U. Non-whites are projected to be a majority by and will make up nearly 60 percent of the population by As I outlined in my recent blog for TMA on the election, this has enormous ramifications for elected officials who steer public policy. Perhaps, as the Mercury retrogrades moved from the element of fire to water, the Occupy movement has moved from having outrage fire in common to having compassion for victims and the chains of unfair debt loads.

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Given their ability to stay relevant during the Mercury Elemental Year transition from fire to water, it could very well be that movements like Occupy will find a new level of cohesion in Online readers can find a link to view a copy of the article here. Erin Sullivan, Retrograde Planets , Weiser, Readers who are not acquainted with this classic work can get a preview here.

Bio: Gary P. Caton is an eclectic Astrologer who embraces an organic, process-oriented approach of spiritual exploration via the Living Sky. Gary has studied Spirituality for over 23 years. After exploring Shamanism and the Tarot, in , his life was changed by a magnificent Dream where he was shown planetary alignments and became an Astrologer.

Gary earned a degree in Counseling with honors and has developed a unique multi-discipline path to practicing Astrology over 19 years. Visit Gary at his website: Dream Astrologer. I watched a NASA news conference this week. The astrophysicists and astronomers felt it was essential to communicate to the public after receiving masses of emails and calls from people in acute anxiety about what is going to happen on December 21, It was informative, but, like most astrologers, I dwell in a land that includes myth and magic and all kinds of inexplicable phenomena.

And the December 21, date, largely interpreted as the date of the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, has taken a place in human imagination all around the globe.